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9bmw welt 12Shuttle-Transfer
Top speed no Limit
Optional for a round of golf offers golf travels, our foreign guests to all of us organized
in Germany Golf Travel Golf CULTURAL EVENTS, our top speed with no limit. Here our
foreign guests
have Worldwide nor the unique opportunity to experience in
"Old Germany"
himself at the wheel of an organized golf travels GT Cars (BMW M3, Porsche 911)
to legally on [<200 km / h top speed on German highways. Please specify an option if you
are interested
in the registration form your golf tour.

Attractions and culture
Top speed event, with no limit on German motorways

Porsche 911 Top Speed Event

BMW M3 911 Top Speed Event

BMW M3 911 Top Speed Event

BMW M3 911 Top Speed Event

BMW Museum in Munich

BMW World in Munich

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